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Lyndhurst Pre-School supports the children by giving them time to have fun and play – through which they learn! We work hard to build relationships giving the children confidence to explore the environment, indoors and outdoors. We offer an environment that is set up in an open, child-friendly way with resources at the children’s level. Children are encouraged to be independent and explore at their own pace.  We plan our activities around the children’s interests with themes like: All about Me, Animals, People Who help Us, Our Favourite Characters, Nursery Rhymes.  Activities on offer daily are:

Craft activities like playdough, painting (sponge,finger,printing), cutting and sticking, and junk modelling;

Construction activities like Duplo, bricks, magnetic blocks,

Using their imagination in the Home Corner, dressing up, with puppets, playing with small world toys like cars and trains, farm, fire station and space station.

Looking at books in the Book Corner , reading stories and rhymes.

Using the computer playing games with numbers and rhymes

Some of our favourite activities have been making “ice cream” playdough, using “crazy” foam on tables to draw and make patterns, making our own “Garden Centre”, trying fruit smoothies, having a car wash for our wheeled vehicles outside, making dens and going on mini beast hunts!

Speech and Language Group

We encourage early communication skills starting with Makaton to help reinforce speech, and to gain confidence working in a small group. The listening and language group will help to introduce & extend vocabulary, promote confidence and encourage communication to aid social skills, the group will run for 5-10 minutes each day following a structured listening and language activity.  Children can be referred for this group by speech therapists, keyworkers and parents.

Muddy Kitchen

Mud, mud, glorious mud! The feel of it, the squidgy sound it makes, the smell (and the taste!) all make for a wonderful sensory experience for children.  Lyndhurst Pre-School has created a “Muddy Kitchen” down on the School field because of the wealth of learning opportunities and health benefits accessible to the children through it.  We incorporate our “Muddy Kitchen” into our sessions as we believe we are supporting all the areas of learning within      the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through our muddy play.  Children  grow in confidence as they add resources to their muddy play such as pots, pans and sticks and realise they can create different effects. This is a great opportunity to encourage sharing, turn taking and respecting the feelings of others.Playing in a mud kitchen will encourage the most amazing conversations between children!

Children can experiment with different ways of manipulating the mud such as mark making, pouring, scooping ,mixing,  carrying, rolling tyres over it and splashing etc. They can begin to demonstrate good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. Muddy play provides opportunities for children to risk assess and problem solve!

We enjoy singing lots of Nursery Rhymes and action songs with the children. At circle time we begin with singing and signing our “Hello” song.

Hello everyone , how are you?  Hello everyone , how are you?

Hello everyone ,how are you?  How are you today?

The children can join in with us singing or just signing it if they if they are not confident enough.  We sing songs that help the children to learn for example – how seeds grow, hibernation, spring time, keeping healthy, the weather, size and positional language,

We will add the words of our current songs/ rhymes we are doing to our Blog.

Our themes look at all aspects of the world around us and we try to include festivals from around the world as well.  During the year we have a number of special events, namely: a Christmas Nativity play, an Easter Hat Parade, Sports Day and a small leaving ceremony for those children going up to school. We also hope to surprise parents with gifts that their children have made for Christmas, Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day and cultural or religious celebrations.

Look on our blog for latest events

The Pre-School is run by a board of Directors and is inspected by Ofsted to ensure acceptable standards for the Local Education Authority Funding Scheme and is registered with the Local Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership. The board of Directors hold an Annual AGM.

The board of Directors are responsible for major decision making so that the Pre-School runs smoothly.  The Directors deal with the management issues whilst the day to day running of Pre-School and all educational matters are dealt with by the Manager and Deputy, supported by the rest of the staff team.




The Pre-School also has a Fundraising Team who raise funds for the sustainability of Pre-School as well as for resources, all parents are encouraged and eligible to join this committee, with any fresh ideas always welcome.

For latest news related to the Fundraising Team, see our Blog or Facebook page.

We are committed to working closely with both children and their parents.  All families are important and welcomed and valued in our Pre-School.  We recognise parents as the main educators of their children.

Help from parents – all parents can help!

Our Pre-School aims to support and assist parents by giving them ideas about playing and learning at home.  We hope you always feel welcome in the Pre-School. Parents can become involved by taking part in our Fundraising committee or simply offering their help whenever they can, at events/outings as well as at weekday sessions (although it is worth noting that regrettably, we cannot accommodate younger siblings). If you have any skills you feel you would like to share with us please let us know.  The children enjoy visits from parents, relations or friends who talk about their jobs. Recent visits include a Policeman, a Librarian, a Doctor, a Vet and the Lyndhurst Fire Brigade complete with fire engine, hoses and water!

Your help, no matter how small, will benefit not only your child but others as well.

At Lyndhurst Pre-School we have an Open door policy enabling parents /carers to speak to a member of staff at anytime if they have any queries, concerns, celebrations or just for a chat about their child, or to make an appointment for a later time .

Do welcome home the drawings, paintings and models that your child brings home, but do not assume that a child who brings nothing home has not been busy learning!  Staff will also make sure children are given newsletters and notes for the parents.

Look on our Blog or Facebook page for latest newsletters and notes.


The Pre-School will do its best to always keep the children’s parents/guardians informed of events and programme changes. However, the Pre-School cannot accept responsibility for information/communications/newsletters failing to reach parents/guardians, if also clearly shown on the Pre-School notice board.

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