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We offer a home visit to our new children where your child’s key person along with another member of staff can meet them for the first time in their own environment where they will feel safe and confident. This is followed by your child along with a parent or carer attending one introductory session following on from your home visit before they start Pre-School. This gives you and your child a chance to explore Pre-School together, and to meet your child’s key person again. 

 A key person is a member of staff who is responsible for monitoring your child’s progress, also the first person you should contact if you have any queries or concerns about your child at Pre-school. The key person also helps to build a bond with your child to ease separation problems from parents/carers.

 Starting Pre-School is a big step for both the child and family. A child who is tense or unhappy will not be able to play or learn properly, so it is important for parents and Pre-School staff to work together to help the child feel confident and secure in the group. This takes longer for some children than others and parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle.

Children are asked to be dropped off and picked up on time. If for any reason you are going to be late PLEASE ring and inform the staff; it is distressing for a child if their parent or carer is late collecting them.  We do have a Non-Collection /Late policy which does incur charges (please see Policy File at Pre-School or ask a staff member).

PARKING – parents are requested not to park in the front of the school, The Crown or the School staff car park for dropping off and collecting children.

The main School gate is padlocked from 9.10am to 2.50pm so if your drop off or pick up time is between these times please use our back door located at the far end of the school staff car park.

No dogs are allowed on the school premises.

To comply with OFSTED Health & Safety regulations, if any other person is collecting your child we MUST be informed who that person is when your child arrives at the beginning of the session. If this is a permanent arrangement please ask a member of staff to fill in the permanent collection form and sign it. We cannot release children into the care of a person whom we do not know without first speaking to the parent or primary carer.

Whether due to sickness or holidays, it is important that the Pre-School is notified if a child is to be absent. Payment is still required for sickness and absences.

A child with an infectious illness MUST be kept at home and a child who is feeling unwell will not enjoy the session and parents are advised to keep them at home. It is not fair to the child, or to other children at the session and their parents, or staff members if a child attends Pre-School who is evidently unwell.

The Manager will contact the parent of a child who appears unwell whilst at Pre-School and will ask for the child to be collected. The Manager also has the authority to request that a child be kept at home until the child has recovered.  A child who has had diarrhoea and/or sickness should not return to Pre-School without being symptom-free for at least 48 hours. If in doubt, please call and speak to the Manager who will advise you.

Lyndhurst Pre-School staff members are all First Aid trained. All accidents/incidents are recorded in the Accident book which parents/carers are required to sign. Asthma inhalers and epipens are required to be kept at Pre-school at all times in case of being needed.

Any bumps, bruising, cuts etc that occur prior to entering Pre-School are recorded as part of our Safeguarding Policy and following guidelines from Ofsted/Social Services.

In Pre-School we encourage the children to explore and experience the environment we live in.  Although we do provide aprons for painting and similar activities, the children may still get dirty so please ensure that your child is wearing easily washable play clothes which they do not have to worry about.  Please send your child in suitable clothing for outside too – warm coats and hats when it’s cold; cool cover-ups and sunhats when it is hot. All clothing must be clearly labelled. All children need a back pack of some kind to bring to pre-school each session in which we put any paintings/ drawing they do in the session and any letters we are sending home.

Lyndhurst Pre-School branded clothing

Sweatshirts and polo shirts are available with the Lyndhurst Pre-School logo on them in Royal Blue.

Pre-School opens with free play in  small world, craft, home corner,  book  and carpet areas along with specific activities set up around the room and outside area

Snack Bar open – children choose when to come and have a drink & snack with choices of milk & water , fruit, breadsticks, toast

Tidy up , then Circle time , music / instruments/singing/dancing/group activity

Story time on carpet

Coats on; anything produced during session, together with notes or letters to families are given to the children to take home

Home time, children sit on the carpet and are then taken by hand outside to meet parent/carer.

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